Ruffles and Stripes

Ruffles are my favorite! Specifically the orange ones. The crunch. The saltiness. The cheesy flavor. (drooling). Uhem…okay, back to the outfit. I do love ruffles, though. This off the shoulder top is **insert drooling face with heart eyes emoji (they need to combine those two and make a new one)**, I had to get it in the pink as well. Pair it with these super cute, striped shorts and some heels and you got yourself a stunner, inexpensive date night ready look.

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Peach Please, with Some Details on Top

Who else loves peaches? I, personally, like to eat peaches. I like the color peach. I’m working on growing a peach, at the gym, if you know what I mean ;P . I also like anything that is strappy. So when I saw this skirt, I was drooling. For peaches, of course. Well, and the skirt. I just love the little strappy detail at the waist. It’s perfect paired with this white, lace trim cami, these gorgeous, white, STRAPPY shoes, and a few gold and neutral accessories. Can you tell I’m into strappy? Okay, I think I’m done saying that word.

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5 Ways to be a Great Friend

We all want to have friends. Good friends. Proverbs 27:9(MSG) says, “…a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.”  It sure does. Good friends are sometimes hard to find, though. We can not control the way other people are, but we do have control over the way we are. So, I think we should focus more on being the best friends that we can be and less on wishing/hoping for someone else to be a good friend to us.

Here are just a few ideas on way you can be a better friend to your friends.

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Pink Trench Coat

It’s Spring! Or is it summer already?🤔 I love spring, but I feel like we only get like 3 days of it here and then it gets super hot. I also love trench coats. And spring is the perfect time to wear them. So if I could have a good month of warm/cool weather, so I could enjoy wearing my trench coats, that’d be great, thanks. Also, this cami is my fave! I have it in 2 colors and I’m thinking of getting more. I like how it’s not a super low neckline and I don’t have to worry about my undergarments (haha, who even uses that word?), showing. It’s perfect for layering and will definitely be a go-to in the summer.

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Long Sleeve Midi

I have a hard time finding long sleeve dresses, or anything actually, that have sleeves long enough to where I don’t have to make them 3/4 ones, because my arms are so long. This one is perfect. And I found it at Bebe! Plus the fit is like a spandex that holds you in nice and tight, which is a bonus! Who doesn’t love a little spandex? Also, if you’re like me and have cellulite, a little bit of texture does wonders to cover it up:)

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Be grateful

I sometimes catch myself being really whiny and complaining… in my head… to myself. I was getting ready for bed one night and was thinking about  how a lot of the things that I wanted to do that day, DIDN’T GET DONE! There are just so many things that need to get done on a daily basis, and not only need, but also things I simply want to do on top of that…

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